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6 NFT Game Marketing Strategies That Will Work in 2022!

The industry has been thriving since video gaming reached a large proportion of the global population. According to statistical reports, the global video gaming industry could earn nearly US$197 billion in 2022, a staggering figure for many business domains. Despite sceptics' claims, the increase can be attributed to increased adoption of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies among these platforms. But, since such NFT-based games are still in their early stages, how do they reach a wider audience? All of this is made possible by carefully crafted NFT game marketing strategies, a few of which will be discussed here.

Contact the Community!

A compact and loyal platform community is essential for a Web3 NFT game to thrive in today's world. Building a community in today's technological era has become easier, thanks to Discord and Telegram - Web3 presence hotspots. These platforms can be used to host the official social community handles of NFT games, exposing gamers to exclusive content. Additionally, holding a variety of events on these platforms raises the hype surrounding the game, allowing for even more influx into the community. In short, community platforms are crucial in NFT game marketing.

Make Use of Social Media for Good!

Social media has become an unavoidable part of people's lives in the modern era. The same is true for NFT game marketing campaigns that aim to reach a wide audience. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn can be ideal for such promotions in a variety of ways. While official social handles can directly promote the game, fan communities and engagement can provide passive promotion. Paid campaigns, such as sponsored advertisements and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, can also be effective in reaching new audiences. A formidable NFT game advertising campaign would result from combining social media with communities and influencers.

Use Niche Influencers to Influence the Community!

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity as a strategy in NFT game marketing thanks to social media platforms. Because of the niche nature of the domain, influencers could be crucial in increasing the sales of an NFT game. Game studios can work with NFT influencers to organise giveaways, bounties, and contests with in-game tokens and NFT assets as prizes. When the power of the above two strategies is combined with the power of influencer marketing, an NFT game can undoubtedly build a large community and reach a wider audience. To reach relevant audiences, it is critical to select influencers based on the blockchain and gaming niche.

Press Releases to the Rescue!

Today, any NFT game studio releases exclusive informative content for its games via press releases on the internet. There are numerous Web3 news publishers with large followings where such content can be published. When the campaign is expanded to real-world news media houses, these content forms tend to reach the general public more than anything else. Though press releases inform the reader about the NFT game in a non-promotional manner, there is some passive promotion. NFT game marketing through press releases in online and offline media only strengthens an NFT game's market position.

Emails are effective!

Because it relies on promotional emails and newsletters, email marketing in Web3 has grown from its Web2 counterpart. The difference in NFT game marketing is that users' email addresses are only used with their explicit consent. Emails with engaging content and newsletters with sufficient detail can be sent to subscribers. Giveaway contests can also be held to increase the number of subscribers. Email marketing for NFT games can also congratulate players on recent accomplishments and remind them to play the game if they haven't played it in a while. Emails can also be used to send invitations to gaming events.

Here, too, content is king!

The adage "content is king" has long been a marketer's mantra, and it still holds true in the Web3 age. An NFT game marketing campaign must use a variety of content types - text, image, audio, and video - to effectively communicate the message to the target audience. The combination of content marketing and extensive search engine optimization can have a significant impact on the game's community influx. Various types of blogs, videos, and podcasts can be used to raise awareness of the NFT game and draw people in. It should be noted that content remains relevant regardless of the NFT game marketing tactic employed.


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