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Say No to Low-Cost Gaming Software!

We are frequently tempted to save money on everything we purchase. We make poor purchasing decisions when we are looking for the best deal. Consider the seemingly innocuous car tyres. The only part of your car that makes direct contact with the road is the tyre. If you consider saving money on your car's tyres, you may end up putting yourself and your family at risk because cheaper tyres can fail at the most critical time when you are travelling with family.

The same holds true for online lottery systems. With lottery software, network infrastructure, and hardware, the gaming business is a significant investment for an operator. What if the customer has problems with the system? Will they return?

The obvious answer is 'no.'

Buying and installing a gaming management system for a lottery, virtual sports betting, or even a casino is a significant financial investment. It is a one-time investment that determines the operator's future success, much like a good set of tyres on your car. While focusing on short-term savings, operators risk overlooking long-term threats to the business's viability.

When choosing a technology partner, gaming operators cannot rely solely on cost. When the risks involved include the brand's reputation, understanding the requirements and careful evaluation are required.

  • Client references and testimonials - Small vendors may be lacking in client references and testimonials. As a result, it is always preferable to independently assess the credibility and quality of an online lottery software vendor. Conduct some background research on the vendor to determine his dependability. Learn about other gaming operators' software and after-sales service experiences. It makes sense to choose a vendor with extensive experience in large-scale project execution.

  • After-sales technical support - Most vendors offering low-cost online lottery software solutions find it difficult to provide technical support to their customers. They frequently have limited time support options with higher costs for extended support options. They also lack manpower to provide support services, which causes delays.

  • Low Cost Trap - Cutting back significantly on the charges they levy on an Operator for their software in order to gain more customers can have a negative impact on their long-term sustainability, and many times the operator will find out to his disadvantage that the Software vendor has closed shop and cannot be traced.

  • Flexibility - Less expensive online lottery software may lack the ability to quickly add new games or configure new rules, resulting in a dull experience for the customer and additional frustrations for the gaming Operator.

  • Scalability - Even if the game becomes popular among players, cheaper online lottery software is difficult to scale-up as user load increases due to various system flaws.

  • Poor user experience - Less expensive online lottery software frequently provides a poor front-end user experience for the customer. Players are frequently frustrated by the user interface and are turned off, most likely never to return to the same operator again.

  • Compliance with regulations - Cheaper online lottery software is often cheaper because the developers cut corners while developing it, and the first corner that usually gets cut is compliance, resulting in lottery software that is not secure and can easily lead to financial data loss for the customer and the gaming operator.

When choosing a vendor for online lottery software and systems, exercise caution. A vendor's role is that of a strategic consultant, covering multiple aspects of the lottery business.

  • Risk evaluation: The lottery industry is characterised by high market volatility and competition. Starting a lottery business necessitates careful approximation and historical trend comparison. Figures such as expected footfalls, setup costs, estimated revenue, and expected earnings necessitate the involvement of experienced consultants who can professionally guide the gaming business.

  • Personnel education: Personnel who operate the lottery software system must be trained in client handling and game operation. These trainings are very specific. Technical aspects of managing a lottery system are considered specialised skills; cash on hand and priority handling necessitate specialised training for operations personnel.

  • Regulation compliance: The lottery industry is constantly and carefully monitored by regulatory authorities. Due to the high risk of manipulation on the part of the lottery operator, regulations to protect clients from being duped are extremely stringent. For example, in 2006, the United States passed the Unlawful Internet. Gambling Enforcement Act, which resulted in the closure of many online gaming sites. A consultant would have a better understanding of such scenarios and would be able to guide the business in accordance with the market forces that shape the gaming industry.

  • Strategic Alliances: The gaming industry is rife with mergers and consolidations, with larger corporations absorbing smaller ones. In 2009, Bwin purchased Gioco, Italy's largest poker website. IGT acquired Milton 2-1 along with its entire mobile device gaming portfolio the same year.

These changes and trend shifts have far-reaching implications for the gaming industry. Online lottery software vendors should ideally also be capable consultants for their clients. They have the ability to comprehend the implications of lottery software implementation and provide better solutions tailored to the needs of the gaming operator, such as operational consulting and marketing consulting, to aid in the profitability of the lottery venture. Consultancy services for lottery software are frequently required, and leaders are often judged on the quality they bring to a lottery gaming operation.

Dusane Infotech is an India-based leading technology solution provider for the gaming industry, offering clients comprehensive, integrated consultancy services for lottery operational setup and roll out.

Dusane Infotech's role extends beyond being a technology vendor for clients to include 360-degree solutions such as:

  • Planning and design of facilities for staff training

  • Telecommunications design consulting

  • Sales and marketing strategy consultation

  • Consulting in hotline setup for game design

  • Procedures for field service for an online lottery software solution

  • Design of Consumables

  • Registration of retailers

  • Materials and plans for retailer training

  • Integration of banking services

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